Anonymous asked:

hi I'm a massive fan of your blog and I like to eat healthy aswell, but I'm having trouble of coming up with things to have for dinner, I'm sick of just salad. Do you have any ideas x

dietfitnesshealth answered:

Taken from @cleanbodyfreshstart

• pasta with roasted vegetables and pasta sauce
• roasted vegetables
• roasted potatoes with rosemary 
• cous cous with balsamic vinegar and roasted vegetables 
• cous cous with chilli, shallots and lemon juice 
• pumpkin soup
• vegetable soup with barley 
• tomato soup
• vegetable curry 
• lentil dahl 
• vegetable pie with mushroom sauce/gravy 
• mashed potato with steamed vegetables and mushroom gravy
• steamed sweet potato with cinnamon and peanut butter
• steamed rice + steamed vegetables with pepper and lemon juice 
• steamed rice with steamed broccoli
• stir fry with brown rice, soy sauce and nutritional yeast 
• noodle soup 
•roasted vegetable kebabs
• pasta bake 
• mac and cheeze
• pizza
• veggie burgers
• zucchini and carrot fritters 
• baked potato chips with sauce 
• toast 
• polenta


From my page

- veggie burger/bean burger
- stir fries with brown rice, beans and loads of veggies
- vegan spaghetti with bean, garlic and tomato bolognese sauce
- mashed sweet potato with pumpkin and roast vegetables
- lemon tempeh with salad and mashed potato
- bean curries
- noodles in broth with tofu
- vegan pizzas
- vegetable soups
- rice and roast veggies
- noodles, veggies with tofu
- stir fry with mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, tofu, rice and carrots
- vegan lasagne
- potato salad